How to Hide a Pimple Fast

Say no to skin imperfections and goodbye to acne while pregnant by taking control of your skin.


Oh no, a pimple! Are you lost between advice passed down from generation to generation and tips you’ve learned since your teenage years? When a pimple appears, rely on an expert to adopt the right habits and, most importantly, avoid bad ones. A complete summary of this topic with dermatologist Dr. Deshayes.


Pimples: the beauty to-do list of what you can do

Learn to effectively care for your imperfections to keep pimples from reappearing.


- Use beauty products specifically for acne-prone skin that are anti-bacterial and noncomedogenic to cleanse your skin. For facial cleansers, it’s best to choose a formula with a base of salicylic acid, which is the key dermatological ingredient for fighting imperfections and cleansing the skin.


- Wash your hands as often as possible. We are surrounded by germs: your computer has 215 germs/cm2, your steering wheel 700 germs/cm2, your cell phone 25,000 germs/cm2, etc. There is a good chance of infecting your pimple or risking secondary infection.


- To prevent more breakouts, try to determine what is causing them: hormonal changes, shaving, diet, fatigue, stress, seasonal changes, tobacco, sun exposure, unsuitable skincare products or cosmetics, etc. While some remain out of your control, others can be anticipated.


- Use the right makeup by choosing foundations that are hypoallergenic and, most importantly, noncomedogenic.


Pimples: your checklist of should nots

Treating a pimple also involves a bit of common sense…


- Be reasonable and do not touch your pimple. That way, you will protect it from bacteria and avoid the risk of inflammation, secondary infection, and scarring.


- Do not pop the pimple or the blackhead with your fingers. If you do, you’re making way for bacteria and thus the risk of secondary infection and scarring. If your pimple really does get popped (or scratched), use an antiseptic. Apply it with the help of a cotton swab without directly touching the pimple so that it acts as a local anti-bacterial.


- Do not apply pure alcohol, lemon, toothpaste, or other home remedies. You risk drying out your skin or creating redness and irritation, which in the end will make the problem worse. In short, there are much more effective remedies today than what our grandmas used to use.


- Never forget to remove your makeup… even at 2 in the morning. Makeup residue blocks pores and increases the risk of the appearance or inflammation of a pimple.

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