Is your Pregnancy Causing You to Breakout?

Is your Pregnancy Causing You to Breakout?

Take control of your skin while pregnant. It’s time to say no to skin imperfections and wave goodbye to acne.


4 out of 60 expectant moms have acne during their pregnancies.

Acne is not just for teenagers. During pregnancy, pregnant women may see their acne problems come back. Hormones are to blame! It even affects 4 out of 60 expectant moms.

Learn more about the advice of Brigitte Letombe, gynecologist at the CHRU in Lille to say goodbye to these pimples. Brigitte’s first observation: it is generally women who had acne during adolescence who will see the trend reappear while they are expecting. So as soon as the good news is announced, stay vigilant and adapt your regimen as a result.

Acne during Pregnancy: good habits to adopt

Whether your plan is to avoid the appearance of pimples and imperfections or to get rid of them, certain habits are essential. Brigitte Letombe reveals the keys to beautiful skin for expectant moms:

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