Air LiciumTM, the active beautifying ingredient for anti-imperfection skincare

Announcing the arrival of Air LiciumTM, the lightest ingredient for imperfection-prone adult skin and excess sebum.


Air LiciumTM, an ingredient discovered through space research


The lightest ingredient in the galaxy of skincare molecules and a new ally for treating imperfection-prone adult skin is a technological jewel. The star of the matte finish in cosmetics, Air LiciumTM is a derivative of silica.

Made of 99% air and 1% of absorbent silica, this high-tech ingredient is able to absorb a very high amount of sebum into its mesh-like network structure.

It thereby absorbs the sebum that has accumulated on the surface of the epidermis.

But its beauty properties don’t stop there. Air LiciumTM exhibits superhydrophobicity, a phenomenon called the lotus effect. This allows it to provide an instantaneous anti-sweat effect that makes the skin cleaner.

The lightest ingredient in the world, Air LiciumTM allows you to refresh your skin and fight excess sebum that has built up on the surface of your face and little by little keeps it from breathing.


Air LiciumTM: an ingredient with multiple benefits for imperfection-prone skin

Such a sophisticated ingredient is obviously capable of many things when it comes to treating skin imperfections. Here are its claimed and scientifically proven capabilities:

- All-day shine neutralization (even in the T-zone)
- Regulation of excess sebum
- Refreshing skin
- Blurring effect on pores - Long-term matte finish - Better light diffusion on the skin

Thanks to its unique lightness, Air LiciumTM allows for formulating face creams without this material feeling or the powdery effect of certain mattifying creams. Your skin breathes, and is receptive to the other active ingredients combined with Air LiciumTM, like in the new Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Acne Care with 24-hour hydration. A face cream specifically for imperfection-prone adult skin.

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