3 Healthy tips for stressed-out skin

Feeling overwhelmed by life, and it’s starting to show? We’ve got you covered

If you only do three things today, make sure it’s these practical stress-busting tips - no extra time or money required, just a little effort. Trust us, the results will be worth it.


Remember to take care of yourself

You haven’t got a minute to spare? We get it. That said, living life in the fast lane doesn’t have to mean living badly.
Remembering to take off your makeup after a long day at the office, relaxing in a hot shower or bubble bath, or pampering skin with a moisturizer packed with hydrating benefits and a dose of antioxidants aging is just as important as paying attention to your diet and exercise regime. After all, you - and your skin - deserve it.


Living fast? Hit the brakes

If you find yourself living your life at 100 miles an hour five days a week, it’s time to hit the brakes - and not just on the weekend. At least one night a week, try and plan an activity that will give you something to look forward to (not to mention forcing you to leave the office on time). An art gallery, meetup with friends, an evening out at the cinema alone or in a group: whether you’re feeling sociable or not, just remember that taking time out can only benefit you in the long run. Living for the weekend can often leave us feeling even more stressed when those Sunday night blues start to creep in, so taking time for yourself during the working week is crucial when it comes to preserving a healthy work-life balance.


Beware of the tech neck

Find yourself gazing down at your smartphone a little too frequently? Somewhat shockingly, a recent study examining smartphone use found that young adults check their devices up to 85 times a day - almost five times an hour. The study’s results also showed that we spend almost twice as much time on our smartphones as we think we do - worrying stuff. We’ve all been guilty of falling into the scroll-update-repeat social media spiral from time to time, but excessive smartphone use can also interfere with our sleep patterns, leaving skin looking tired and fatigued. What’s more, the wrinkles on our neck are exacerbated from constantly looking down, leading to the dreaded “tech neck”. On top of this, excessive smartphone use can leave us feeling more overwhelmed than ever - especially for those of us who already spend our day sitting in front of a computer while at the office. If this sounds like you, consider limiting the time you spend online: a social media curfew can be a conscious step in helping to relieve stress.

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