Top skin massage for a healthy glow

Top skin massage for a healthy glow

When it comes to applying your skincare, did you know that your technique is key to activating your your products? Read on for our top tips on how to take your morning and nighttime routine to the next level, as well as advice on how to maximise the power of your skincare’s ingredients.


The right technique: the benefits of skin massage

The perfect end to a long week, a facial massage isn’t just a great way of releasing built-up tension; it can also transform your skin. Properly executed, facial massage can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin and encourage microcirculation, improving blood flow for more radiant-looking skin. What’s more, incorporating facial massage into your skincare routine can help your products’ ingredients to better penetrate the skin, meaning maximum skincare benefits. What’s not to like?


Facial massage tips: how to get the best out of your skincare products

Obvious, we know, but before beginning your facial massage, it’s essential that you wash your hands and thoroughly remove your makeup to avoid spreading bacteria from your face to your products. Pat dry with a towel, then begin with an oil or serum. As well as helping your fingers to move across your skin, starting off with thinner oil-based products allows their benefits to penetrate the skin more deeply, increasing the efficacy of your moisturizer or day cream, which tend to be of a thicker consistency. Use thinner products as a base before locking in all those skincare saviors with more substantial, water-based products.


Who needs a salon? Professional massage tips you can use at home

Using the tips of your fingers, begin by making large circles across your neck and under your chin, working upwards towards the face. Pay attention to the pressure: the skin on your face is more delicate than on other parts of your body, so try not to press too hard. Continue outwards towards your jawline and the sides of your cheeks, moving towards your cheekbones. Pushing gently up and outwards with the tips of your fingers will help stimulate circulation, but take care not to drag downwards on skin. Finish with broad, circular strokes from the temples into the centre of the forehead and back, before lightly tapping the delicate skin under eyes with your ring finger to de-puff and brighten.

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