Time-saving: 5 tricks to speed up your day

Time-saving: 5 tricks to speed up your day

If, like so many of us, you find yourself always rushing from appointment to appointment with no time to spare, it’s time to step back and examine your daily habits. After reading these tips, you’ll never look at your morning routine the same way again: more speed, less haste = your new mantra.


Get connected

We spend an average of 4.7 hours a day on our smartphones and various other devices, so why not make them work for us? Useful apps for improving productivity include Pocket, which is ideal for bookmarking trending stories, videos or articles that you can read later, rather than time spent on social media eating into your day while at the office. If you’re most of a list-maker, Evernote is a great way to streamline your brainstorming, to-do lists, and Post-It notes across all of your apps and messaging platforms, saving you from going through social media platform after social media platform when trying to find that crucial address.


Adapt your routine to your lifestyle

...Not your lifestyle to your routine. We’ve already discussed the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, but in order to get the most out of your z’s, it’s important to switch up your daily routine to suit your habits. If you’re a morning person, consider getting your workout/meal prep/admin done before you head off to work, or vice-versa if you tend to be more energetic in the evening. Result? More time to chill out after a long day at work or extra time under the covers in the morning, depending on what you’re into.


Streamline your beauty regimen

Be honest, how many of us have half an hour to spend in the bathroom each morning? If you’re looking to speed up your daily routine, consider investing in some key multi-use products. We’re talking BB creams with built-in skincare, bronzer that can double up as eyeshadow and gel- or stain-based cheek/lip tints to bring out your inner glow. Value for money and more space in our makeup bags - we like.


Breakfast in thirty seconds or less

If you’ve yet to invest in a blender, we’d strongly recommend buying one if you’re looking to shave a few minutes off your morning routine. Simply pack with “skin-saving” ingredients - blueberries, raspberries and bananas are all great choices - and blitz for the world’s quickest (and tastiest) breakfast. Plus, they take seconds to clean - simply fill with water and a little soap, blitz again, and voilà. No more excuses for skipping breakfast when you’re late for that morning meeting.


Turn off devices at night - and in the morning

We’ve all fallen into this (very modern) time-wasting trap: ‘just a quick look’ through our Instagram feeds while we’re still in bed and before you know it, you’re late for work and you still haven’t showered. Wasting time on our devices first thing in the morning is arguably the worst thing we can do when it comes to starting our day, so make a commitment to only check social media once you’ve left the house - sure, walking into a tree while reading HuffPost’s latest election news might hurt, but not as badly as showing up to work late for the third day in a row. No judgement.

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