How to live fast while living well

How to live fast while living well

Slow living is great, but it isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re dealing with stress in the workplace, a hectic home life, or just trying to fit five minutes in the day for yourself, consider our guilt-free tips for matching your lifestyle to your life’s style, so you can get the most out of every minute without feeling overwhelmed.

Too often, failing to spot recurring problems or find effective solutions for stress can take a toll on our health, skin and overall mindset. Work, kids, family, money… it’s fair to say that worries, whether daily or otherwise, come in all shapes and sizes. What’s unfair? Expecting a one-size-fits-all solution that works for every woman. When it comes to taking things down a notch, the first step is figuring out what makes you tick. If, like so many of us, you find yourself occasionally feeling guilty and/or stressed about your job, your family, your friends or even your lifestyle, take a look at our anti-stress manifesto below and get inspired. After all, you’re your first priority.



1 - You shall respect your body clock

Figuring out whether you’re a lark or a night owl is key to ensuring your body runs at the right pace for you. We all have our own unique rhythm, so in addition to making sure you get enough sleep (over 35% of us sleep less than 7 hours a day), try and figure out the ideal time to participate in other activities you enjoy. Enjoy working out at the gym? Try working out first thing in the morning instead of after work. Likewise, if you’re always rushing to prepare your day’s lunch in the morning, try doing it last thing before you go to bed for maximum duvet time.


2 - You shall pay attention to your skin type - all year round

Few of us have the same skin type in summer and winter, so it’s important to look after your body’s changing needs according to the season. Skin that peels and flakes in winter can become oily and acne-prone in summer, so don’t forget to observe any changes and switch up your routine if need be. Pay particular attention to sun exposure - according to the New York Medical Center, over 80% of skin aging is due to external factors (known as the exposome), which include UV rays. At the end of the day, healthy, glowing skin is synonymous with effective responses to stress - just the kind of encouragement we need.


3 - You shall eat well to live well

The relationship we have with food is a key indicator of how our body deals with stress. Learning to listen to your body’s signals when it comes to hunger is crucial when it comes to maintain energy levels. Avoid that mid-afternoon sugar slump by drinking enough water - excellent for helping you tune into your body’s hunger pangs - and making a commitment to include fruit and veg rich in anti-aging polyphenols in at least one meal a day. A breakfast blueberry smoothie, crunchy salad for lunch, or steamed vegetables on the side at dinner - it’s up to you, but for skin that sparkles with energy, it’s essential to eat your greens.


4 - You shall get enough sleep for your body

Some of us need seven, some of us need nine, but going to bed (and getting up) at the right time for our body clock - see commandment #1 - is one of the most important things we can do for our body. Over 54% of us experience feelings of insomnia at least once a week, so to avoid being dogged by that tired, achy feeling as soon as you arrive at the office, try this: every night for a week, try going to bed fifteen minutes earlier than you usually would, working backwards until you hit the sweet spot. And yes, this includes weekends - trust us, you’ll be so brimming with energy, you won’t even need that lie-in.


5 - You shall choose the right sport for your lifestyle

While we’re talking commandments, let’s discuss the place of worship. Your body is a temple, of course, so finding the right form of exercise to help you de-stress at the end of a long day is crucial. If you prefer to take things slow, gentle activities such as swimming or yoga are as good for the soul as they are for the body. If your lifestyle is more energetic, on the other hand, an activity such as CrossFit or spinning will have you heading home (or off to work) feeling energised and clear-headed - an ideal way to start, or end, a busy day. Endorphins: the best natural high.

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