A summer snack for your skin

A summer snack for your skin

Our expert’s advice
“Excessive exposure to UVB and UVA radiations is the main cause of premature skin ageing and skin quality degradation. UV rays can impact skin cells at the DNA level. Those damages are continuously repaired by specific enzymes, but this mechanism can degenerate in case of prolonged UV exposure. Prevention is key and it is founded on the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, concerning both sun exposure and nutrition.”

-Dr. Véronique Lebar, Nutritionist and Cosmetologist

According to your level of sun exposure, you can create an optimal snack for your skin. So, how will you spend your summer days?

A. Sunbathing on the beach
First of all, drink a lot of water. A lot, really. Have 1 avocado and a handful of almonds, to make your skin benefit from antioxidant vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

B. Exploring a new city
Remember hydrating yourself and indulge in some dark chocolate (minimum 75% cocoa, very rich in energizing magnesium) and a handful of almonds, rich in vitamin E.

C. Stressing-out in front of your PC
Keep a water bottle on your desk (and drink it!), watch your iron level (especially if you are not used to eat meat) and have a citrus fruit, rich in vitamin C, and a handful of hazelnuts, rich in magnesium and vitamin E.

We hope you’ll like these tips. And we hope you liked this healthy path together with IDEALIA. Do you want to help us become better at satisfying your skin needs? Please answer a few questions to discover your personalized skincare routine.

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