Yes, Anti-Aging Serum Is Also for Sensitive Skin

Yes, Anti-Aging Serum Is Also for Sensitive Skin

Is the use of anti-aging serum appropriate for sensitive skin? It all depends on the ingredients the serum contains.


Chosen for their moisturizing, smoothing, or firming “superpowers,” serums are at the forefront of fighting the signs of aging. But are these formulas of highly concentrated ingredients suitable for daily use on sensitive skin? Florence Benech, International Director of Beauty Product Development for the L’Oréal Active Cosmetic Division, has some guidance for you.

Sensitive skin: the anti-aging ingredients to avoid... and the ones you should favor

According to Florence Benech, “Not all anti-aging serums are appropriate for sensitive skin.” To be sure that they will able to tolerate them, women generally look at the dosing. But it is just as important to examine the type of ingredients and the way they are formulated.

Ingredients to avoid
You surely know about AHAs. At high doses on reactive skin, there is a risk that uncomfortable sensations will develop. This is also the case of retinol, which requires a particular formulation to be perfectly tolerated.

Anti-aging ingredients that will do your sensitive skin good
More recently discovered ingredients combine effectiveness and tolerance. In addition to having very effective anti-aging properties, they also have well-known soothing powers. “This is the case for rhamnose, for example, a sugar derivative. Even formulated with a very high concentration in a serum, it is very well tolerated by sensitive skin.” 

Sensitive skin: is the serum texture appropriate?

Firstly, it is important to verify that the serum has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and is labeled “hypoallergenic”. But that is not always enough! The more refined the serum’s formula, the lighter it will be and the more it will suit your sensitive skin. This is also what makes application pleasant. A liquid texture is quickly absorbed and leaves no film on the skin.

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