Knowledge, talent, and over 80 years of expertise: formula specialists at Vichy Laboratories utilize a range of ingredients and textures—succeeding in producing luxurious formulas and obtaining amazing results for every skin type and concern.


Hair Care

Vichy's hair care product range are specialized to deal with various hair concerns such as oily hair and scalp, anti-dandruff, dry and damaged hair, anti-itch and hair losing force. All the Dercos shampoo range is to smoothen, reduce sebum, restore hair softness, remove dandruff and increase your hair's overall quality.

Body Hydration

Your body needs hydration in order to avoid concerns such as roughness, irritation, redness (erythema) and scales. Vichy has developed Ideal Body to provide your body with long lasting hydration and radiance.


Vichy has produced a medically tested formula for deodorants that protect and care for your underarms, compatible for all skin types including sensitive skin. Fighting body odours and perspiration has never been easier and as effective than with Vichy Deororants.

Shower Gel

Vichy's shower gel range offers hydration, illumination, glow, comfort, nourishment and softness for your skin. With a beautiful hydration gel-oil and gel cream that both contain 10 fundamental oils (balancing 3 types of skin lipids), these showers gels are tailored towards opening your cellular gateways and allowing for even hydration distribution.

Hand Care

Vichy's hand care products are formulated to soothe and deeply nourish hands, while regenerating skin barriers, stimulate protease activity and to activate a normal exfoliation in order to provide intense hydration.