How to Save Your Skin from Hard Water: 4 Tips that Will Change Everything

These beauty tips will neutralize hard water so you can cleanse your skin without irritating it.


Every good beauty regimen starts with washing your face. Do you like water for washing your face or removing makeup? Watch out for hard water, which, over the long term, dries out your skin and makes it more sensitive. So how can you protect yourself from it?

By taking control and softening your water.

In the city, far from the mountains where pure water flows, water softeners are an ideal alternative. This filtering system allows you to purify hard water of chlorine and limestone. Your skin will thank you quickly: say goodbye to tight sensations and the feeling that you have crocodile skin.

Use a cleanser than is tough on hard water but soft on your skin

Use makeup removing creams and foaming gels that claim they work against hard water. The goal is to preserve the optimum quality of the hydrolipidic film that serves as a protective barrier on the surface of the skin. Formulas that specifically counter hard water are enriched with glycerin to compensate for its negative effects and reinforce skin’s hydration. How ideal!

Learning how to remove makeup without water but not without feeling refreshed

Try to change up your habits. For example, in the morning, the evening, or both, wash your skin “differently”. How? With 3-in-1 micellar water. There’s no need to scrub or rinse with water. Dirt and pollution are automatically dissolved. Need the feeling of water on your skin? End with a spray of thermal water. The perfect combination of the enjoyment and freshness of water, without the drawbacks.

Break up your makeup removal routine with a moisturizing serum or cream

To be done with the feeling of having dry skin from hard water once and for all, during your cleansing/makeup removal routine, sooth it by applying a moisturizing liquid or serum. This is a habit that immediately soothes skin and allows it to maintain its hydrolipidic film day after day, as well as its youth.

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