The Effects of Pollution on the Skin

Does your skin react to pollution or changes in climate? Does it look dull? Discover how to fight pollution through cleansing and skincare.


Grayish haze, dust, colorless gases, the ozone layer… Atmospheric pollution takes on many forms. But what do we know about its impact on our skin? Vichy explains where pollution comes from, its effects, and reveals its 3 anti-pollution beauty habits.


What is pollution?

Everything you should know about pollution to better understand its effects on your skin. When it comes to atmospheric pollution, two major types may be distinguished:

- Primary pollutants, which are produced directly by “stationary” sources (industry,

heating) and “mobile” sources (cars, planes).

- Secondary pollutants such as ozone, which are formed through the transformation of primary pollutants through reactions with sunlight and heat.

Furthermore, daily variations (less pollution at night than during the day), seasonal variations (more ozone pollution observed in France in the summer) and even geographic variations have been observed. The result is that the composition of the pollution is not the same everywhere!


The consequences of pollution on your skin

A study conducted in Mexico City on two populations, one developing in a polluted area and another in a healthier area, clearly shows the effects of pollution on the skin.

The direct consequences of pollution on the skin:

- surface oxidations due to free radicals,
- minor dehydration,
- dryness and issues with peeling.
- Dull complexion

But don’t panic! It can all be corrected as long as you protect yourself properly.


3 anti-pollution habits for beautiful skin

Discover our experts’ beauty regimen for protecting your skin from pollution.


No. 1: Cleanse your skin in detox mode

Anti-pollution makeup removal is done is 2 steps:

- First, use a 3-in-1 makeup remover that replaces milk, lotion, and eye makeup remover. Its formula allows you to remove the smallest pollution particles. It’s perfect!

- Next, continue with a cleansing gel that allows you to remove pollution deposits and gives you a clean sensation of purity and fresh, clean skin.

Use formulas containing active anti-pollution ingredients that neutralize pollutants and free radicals. Incorporated into the products, they can make cleansing up to 63% more effective for eliminating traces of pollution.


No. 2: Take action against behavioral aging

In addition to pollution, overworked urban skin must also deal with behavioral aging. How can you fight it? A preventative serum that smoothes your skin, boosts cellular regeneration, and restores moisture to improve skin’s barrier function.


No. 3: Eat well

Under the combined effects of pollution and UV rays, your skin is suffering from oxidation and vitamin E loss at a fast rate. In addition to your beauty products, rely on foods rich in antioxidants (colorful fruits and vegetables) and flavonoids (red wine, tea, cacao, and red fruits like cherries, currants, etc.). Dress your salads with wheat germ oil for its high vitamin E content.

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