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How do I choose a daily skincare product that is appropriate for my dry skin?

Did You Know?

If your skin is permanently dry, it could be because of a lack of lipids. This type of fat plays an important role in softening the skin and reinforcing the natural cutaneous barrier that provides protection from external aggressions.

Since it lacks lipids, dry skin has a weakened cutaneous barrier that is more permeable to irritating agents. Being more vulnerable, it is easily damaged and quickly becomes uncomfortable.

What To Do:

Remember to hydrate yourself properly and drink at least one liter of water per day. Avoid anything that can harm your skin like intense cleansing, and protect it with a hydrating cream that you apply morning and night.

Temporary dehydration can easily be regulated with the proper care. However, if your skin remains dry, contact your dermatologist who will make a more precise diagnosis.