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Vichy's Charter for Sustainable Development

Advancing beauty without damaging our planet is our responsibility—and is entirely achievable.

Commitment 1: Reduce our consumption of raw materials

Because our planet's natural resources are limited, we limit consumption to a strict minimum.

2015 Goal: To reduce our consumption of raw materials by at least 20%.

Commitment 2: Respect the fragility of our planet

The benefits of one treatment must never be at the expense of the skin. We apply this same philosophy to our environment: the production of our products must never be at the expense of our planet.

What we have done:

  • The materials that compose our products do not harm the biodiversity of the planet. We have never tested our products on even the smallest of animals.
  • 100% of the cardboard used in our packaging is made from renewable forests situated within close proximity of our production sites.
  • Through our recycling process, we reach the amazing rate of 0% waste in garbage.

2015 Goal: To use renewable sources of energy at least 50% of the time.

Commitment 3: Recycle all that we borrow from the planet

Why produce when we can reproduce? We are convinced that, when treated correctly, raw materials borrowed from the planet are infinitely reusable.

What we have done: 80% of our transport packages are made from recycled materials. Our products and their contents do not contain heavy metals, PVCs or non-recyclable materials.

2015 Goal: To use at least 50% recycled glass.