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Skincare Gift Sets Holiday Guide

In this special year, shop early online and share safely the joy and love of the Holiday season.

Give the gift of healthy skin for yourself and your loved ones.


With the holiday season fast approaching, you don't want to be slacking in the gift-giving department. Give the gift of beautiful, glowing skin to everyone on your shopping list this season with Vichy! Explore all of our skincare giftsets.


For the ultimate skin hydration experience, opt for Minéral 89 and Aqualia Thermal value Holiday gift sets for healthy, hydrated skin. Dry skin types are often left to deal with a plethora of skin issues, such as flaking and sensitivity. Help your loved ones tend to their dry skin with quality products on the daily. Our Aqualia Thermal One Step Milk Cleanser is formulated with gentle ingredients with a smooth texture to leave your skin softer than ever. What's more? This face cleanser offers 3-in-1 action, simultaneously hydrating, removing makeup, and toning skin. This product will definitely be a family-favourite when the cold winter months roll around! Don't hesitate to tend to your dry and dehydrated skin, and shop yours now!


Liftactiv anti-aging value Holiday gift sets for healthy, youthful skin. Get yours now!


Discover Normaderm's anti-acne value Holiday gift sets for healthy, clear skin. When it comes to fighting acne-prone skin, what is needed to truly reduce their proliferation is the right set of ingredients. Normaderm's anti acne collection, including our Corrective Anti-Acne Treatment, is formulated using salicylic acid. Salicylic acid works to minimize pores and eliminate pimples, while reducing any past acne scarring as well. The myriad of professional skincare ingredients used in this collection are perfect for dealing with oiliness and acne. Don't settle for blemishes. Acne-prone skin just needs a little extra TLC: diminish those pores and clear your skin with these skincare gift sets!


Learn more about Neovadiol skin density value Holiday gift sets for healthy, youthful skin at menopause and beyond! Aging is a natural occurence, and often shows itself through reduced firmness and wrinkles on our face and neck. Vichy's anti aging products can help slow down the visible signs of aging on skin, and allow you to carry on with your day-to-day as confident as ever. Explore our Neovadiol Phytosculpt neck and face cream, formulated with potent ingredients for intense skin firming action. If your concern is the eye and lip contours, opt for our Neovadiol Eye & Lip Contours treatment, to help with skin firming and smoothing action. Slow down the visible signs of aging on skin with this range, helping you keep firm skin for as long as possible.


Don’t forget to treat yourself this holiday season! Nothing says self-care quite like a face mask. Create your own at-home spa experience with our pore and glow face masks. Our Pore Purifying Clay Mask is our best clay mask for those dealing with any number of skin issues. The clay works to dig deep and remove any and all dirt and impurities within your skin's barrier. Looking to achieve glowing skin? Try out our Double Glow Peel Mask on your next at-home spa day, and uncover glowing, dewy skin. Whether you deal with dry, dehydrated skin or have acne troubles, Vichy will surely have a luxe skincare product for you to treat yourself with! Let yourself indulge in self-care skincare gift sets this holiday season. Shop our top 3 picks for holiday-ready skin.


Help the men in your life indulge in skincare. Skin care for men is made easy with Vichy's options for simple and easy to implement daily skincare products. Our Vichy Homme Ultra Mag C+ is an eye and face cream designed to tend to any signs of fatigue on skin, such as puffy and wollen eyes, or dark circles. Formulated with Vitamin C, a lauded skincare ingredient, this skincare product gets to the root of the problem adds life to dull skin. The men in your life will thank you for this easy, everyday face care. For a thorough cleanse, opt for our Vichy Homme Shower Gel for sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic shower gel will leave the men in your life begging for more when they finish the entire bottle in under a week! From gentle face cleansers to total body care, help the men in your life understand the importance of taking care of their skin.

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