Densi-Solutions Three Step Hair Routine

Why Densi-Solutions is the Perfect Haircare Routine for Thicker Hair

This line targets both roots and the hair fibre itself. Dercos Densi-Solutions reinforces thinning hair and improves scalp health, all thanks to its combination of seven innovative ingredients.


Hair loss and hair thinning are not desired by anyone. It's important to be proactive in caring for the thickeness and strength of one's hair, in order to prevent and treat hair mass decrease and hair loss in women. Whether your hair is thinning or you're experiencing hair fall, the solution lies in your haircare routine. Learn more about how to get thicker hair and improve overall health with Vichy Canada.

How To Prevent Hair Loss with Dercos Densi-Solutions

Defy the natural prorgession of thinning hair with Thickening Shampoo, Fortifying Thickening Balm and Hair Mass Thickening Concentrate. This three step Dercos Densi-Solutions system recreates hair mass. When used as a complete haircare routine, Dercos Densi-Solutions captures the power of seven ingredients that help boost the appearance of damaged and thinning hair.

Step 1:Densi-Solutions’ Thickening Shampoo for Thick Hair

First up: Densi-Solutions Thickening Shampoo, is paraben-free and formulated with Filloxane to boost hair’s thickness and improve scalp quality thanks to its revolutionary 3D mesh that wraps around hair to strengthen the fiber. With a light-as-air texture, this hair thickening shampoo efficiently cleans hair without leaving any greasy residue. Optimal for use on fine hair that’s seeking volume from the roots up!

Step 2: Densi-Solutions’ Fortifying Thickening Balm for Hair Strengthening

Next, follow up with the Densi-Solutions Fortifying Thickening Balm, enriched with Ceramide R to reinforce the structure of fine hair. Crucial for protecting and reinforcing the hair fibre, Ceramide R’s strengthening molecules ‘cement’ themselves between scales on the individual hair follicle, creating a stronger, smoother structure. Unlike traditional conditioners, this balm is applied from the roots down the lengths of the hair, with its cooling, melty-gel texture imparting a dose of freshness immediately following application.

Step 3: Densi-Solutions’ Hair Mass Creator Concentrate for Hair Growth

Finally, the no-rinse Densi-Solutions Hair Mass Thickening Concentrate targets the scalp, reinforcing hair from the roots and refreshing the scalp thanks to its fresh sensation. This leave-in solution has been clinically proven to improve hair loss in just 6 weeks thanks to the presence of two key ingredients: stemoxydine and Resveratrol.1

1Clinical study. 79 women. 6 weeks using the full routine

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