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Vichy Skin Advice

When skin is stressed, it shows. Texture is rough, tone is uneven, pores appear larger, and hydration levels plummet. Idéalia’s clinically proven formulas help correct these signs of skin stress and work to repair skin’s surface, leaving your complexion looking rested and refreshed with an even, luminous tone.


When it comes to skin aging, we are all familiar with age-related factors such as chrono-biological aging and hormones. But with tighter schedules and growing priority lists, women tend to expose their skin to increasing strain. Researchers at Vichy have separated skin-damaging behaviors into 4 key categories.

Stress & Lack of Sleep.Tired-looking features and under-eye bags go more than skin deep. Studies show that lack of sleep and stress can hurt our skin’s micro-circulation and ability to repair overnight, leaving our complexion sallow and uneven and reducing our skin’s elasticity over time.

Smoking & Pollution.Skin subjected to smoky, urban environments tends to have a grey, dull complexion. This is caused by lack of water, dry air-conditioned environments, and atmospheric pollution.

Sun Exposure.Skin subjected to frequent or prolonged UV exposure shows more hyperpigmentation or dark spots, as well as increased signs of aging over time

Imbalanced Diet.With less time to eat healthy meals and increasing alcohol consumption, our skin starts to feel undernourished. This overall skin imbalance is reflected in oily and dry patches and even enlarged pores.