How to diagnose menopause: should I do a blood test?

How to diagnose menopause: should I do a blood test?

Most of the time, a blood test menopause diagnosis is not necessary to confirm the diagnosis of menopause, unless you have had your uterus removed.

Indeed, there are clinical menopause symptoms that will be more very evident and sufficient to confirm any doubts.  Menopause signs aren’t really subtle…Physical change starts from different angles so our recommendation is to visit your doctor generalist or specialist to confirm and check.

IBlood test menopause diagnosis is not necessary to confirm menopause

Normally blood tests or scans are not required to confirm menopause. It’s a clinical condition easily identified by the patient and the doctor: age, absence or disruption of periods for a few months, the presence of menopause hot flashes, mood swings or vaginal dryness are all menopause symptoms allowing it to be easily diagnosed.

Visit to generalist or any of specialist will help to faster identify the entry into menopause and help you identify the most suitable global care, explain menopause symptoms and see if there is a need for menopause treatment if necessary.

I know I can identify the signs of menopause without a blood test, but what if I absolutely want to take it?

If you absolutely want to take the test, we would recommend to consult with your gynecologist or generalist to be sure that instruction of what we look for is correct.

Firstly, if conducting the blood test make sure to check  the levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estrogen1.

During menopause, your FSH levels increase and your estrogen levels decrease. However, hormonal assays are often difficult to interpret because they are subject to significant fluctuations.

Your doctor may order an additional blood test to check your thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), as thyroid dysfunction can cause symptoms that are similar to menopause.

However, the menopause symptoms will be quite significant so you will probably know despite the test if you are in menopause and above tests can confirm it easily.

IKey facts to remember when you’re entering menopause

Menopause can be very easily diagnosed by your doctor

Truth #1: Doctor generalist may help to identify menopause based on appearance of menopause hot flushes or emotional swings, and if necessary based on blood test.

Truth #2: Blood test menopause diagnosis is not necessary to confirm menopause

Truth #3: your gynecologist can tell you if you’re in menopause based on physical menopause signs (hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irregularity of periods)

Truth #4: blood test can be useful if all other menopause symptoms are observed.



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