Shower Gel

Vichy Homme's shower gel contains Vitamin C, Magnesium and hydrating agents, ingredients mixed into a pleasant, soap free texture to allow an effective skin cleansing without drying that is also suitable for the hair.


Vichy Homme's moisturizer is an anti inflammatory and soothing cream, formulated perfectly to protect and soothe senstive and reactive skin.

After Shave

Vichy Homme's after-shave is combined with a multi-action moisturizer in order to hydrate your skin, while simultaneously soothing irritations and facilitating shaving.

Shaving Gel

Vichy Homme's shaving gel allows your shaving blades to fluidly glide over the skin due to the creamy textures while reducing dryness and imperfections. Formulated to reduce skin irritations, redness and irritation for sensitive skin while additionally preventing micro-cuts and proliferation of imperfections