Vichy Homme's serums are formulated to purify the skin, with anti-shine and anti-imperfection benefits. Our shower gel cleanser cleanses without drying and is suitable for hair use. Removes impurities and sebum while offering a gentle and effective treatment to your skin.

Shaving Cream

Vichy Homme's shaving formula consists of creamy textures that allow shaving blades to glide over the skin more fluidly while reducing dryness and imperfections. Formulated for sensitive skin to reduce skin irritations and redness while preventing micro-cuts and proliferation of imperfections.

Skin Moisturizer

Vichy Homme's specialized care line offers a range of products with hydrating and re-plumping properties specifically designed for men with dehydrated skin. Other benefits are immediate tonight, tightening, lifting action, soothing action and anti inflammatory effects to perfectly soothe and protect sensitive, reactive skin.



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