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Reduce the look of acne scars & marks


PhE-Resorcinol has both antibacterial (limit inflammation) and depigmenting properties. When combined with exfoliating LHA, this ingredient helps reduce the appearance of acne marks.


PhE-Resorcinol disinfects the skin, helping fight off acne-causing bacteria. lt can be used to treat acne symptoms: pimples, blackheads, whiteheads acne scars & uneven skin.

As a keratolytic medication, PhE-Resorcinol exfoliates and cleanses the outer layers of the skin helping to unclog pores and prevent blemishes while treating acne scars, brown spots and uneven skin.

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Normaderm Corrective Anti Acne Treatment
24h Oil Free Moisturizing Anti-Acne Treatment

$ 29.95

50ML (0)
Normaderm Anti Acne Gift Set
Your routine for acne-prone skin

$ 29.95

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Ingredient: PhE Resorcinol

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