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Knowledge, talent, and over 80 years of expertise: formula specialists at Vichy Laboratories utilize a range of ingredients and textures—succeeding in producing luxurious formulas and obtaining amazing results for every skin type and concern.


Acne Prone

Oily skin is characterized by excessive sebum secretion, the formation of keratin blockages in pores and bacterial proliferation that lead to the development of localized imperfections. Indications of acne prone skin can include shiny appearance, dilated pores (sometimes with blackheads), microcysts (little white spots) and thick, irregular skin texture. Vichy has developed the Normaderm Collection to act on all major acne imperfections and leave skin blemish-free, matte and clear.



Dehydrated skin occurs due to undetectable daily water evaporation from the skin, which is more rapid on the face than the rest of the body. Once the skin becomes dehyrated it can no longer carry out its barrier role. All the skin types need hydration, even oily. Indications of dehydrated skin can include sensations of discomfort, itching, pulling, and dull looking skin. Vichy has developed the Aqualia Thermal collecton to deliver 24Hr continuous hydration to the skin in a patented "sprinkler system" approach.

Dull Skin

Dull skin can lack radiance or glow, present an uneven skin tone and show dark circles (or bags) under the eyes. Vichy has developed Aqualia AntiOx with a unique combination of powerful antioxidants to deliver instant radiance, a refreshed complexion and 24Hr hydration. Aqualia Antiox "New Skin" Antioxidant Fresh Serum is the 1st fresh serum with highly concentrated antioxidants: Citrus Polyphenol٠+ pure Vitamin C at 10% concentration + Vitamin E. It Improves the 3 markers of youthful skin: rosy complexion, radiant skin tone and smooth texture.

Shine Prone

Shiny skin can be activated by daily UV rays which cause the skin to react by overproducing sebum. Vichy has developed Normaderm Pro Mat Ultra Mattifying Oil Free Lotion SPF 15 specifically for shiny skin. It delivers an instant matte effect, lasting shine control and a complexion that is purified and even. Using Normaderm Pro Mat Ultra Mattifying Oil Free Lotion as a daily moisturizer and part of a complete daily Normaderm routine can help visibly transform skin to be shine free and clear.

Skin Concern


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