Acne is so passé

Sure, sometimes stress can be a good thing. You know, like butterflies in your tummy before a big date or just enough stage fright to get you through a major presentation. But often, our mismanaged stress snowballs into a glacier of pessimism and bad habits. We’re all guilty of piling on way too much, sleeping at times people usually wake up at, and feasting on fast food because, well, it’s fast. Who has the time? Problem is, when we don’t seize the opportunity to deal with our stress, it breaks through our pores —literally— for the world to see. But the vicious cycle doesn’t stop there: dealing with breakouts stress us out more! And to think, it could have all been avoided.

Effects of stress on our skin.

Most of us are realizing that, in fact, acne isn’t a teenager thing; we’re actually prone to it until menopause. While hormones and genetics boost our breakout chances, it’s proven that stress can trigger an increased release of hormones from your sebaceous glands, which can cause acne to form. In other words, we brought this upon ourselves.
But before adding another snowflake to the existing stress snowball, it’s important to know that clear skin is attainable. The first step is adopting a 3-step anti-acne routine that you religiously practice morning and night. The next step is following a healthy lifestyle in which proper sleep, healthy eating and self-love become your best friends. True, it’s easier said than done, but the effort outweighs dealing with breakouts, no? Scroll down for pointers on reducing stress and obtaining clear skin.