The new fun and effective skincare trend for summer.

The new fun and effective skincare trend for summer.

After-sun in the shower: the new fun and effective skincare trend for the summer

Enjoy your shower and care for your skin at the same time! The latest trend to offer a solution to dry, uncomfortable skin is the in-shower after-sun. Not just for shower-time, the after-sun can be used on dry skin too...


About the in-shower trend

Healthy, moisturized skin will keep its tan for longer, as the cells remain plump and hydrated, and do not flake off due to dryness. That said, we don't always have the time or motivation to moisturize our body after a day in the sun. An in-shower after-sun enables you to wash and hydrate your skin at the same time, and is especially effective in the shower as the warm water prepares your skin to absorb the product.


A formula that can be applied in the shower or to dry skin after sun exposure

Vichy has developed the innovative In-shower or Dry skin After-sun, which hydrates and nourishes the skin using a unique and powerful complex. Enriched with an ideal balance of essential fatty acid, the after-sun repairs the skin. The blend of classic oils - which are easily spread over the body - with dry oils, creates a soft, delicate texture that can be applied onto dry skin in just the same way as a traditional after-sun, or alternatively under running water. The fragrance has the signature Vichy white floral scent with delicious base notes of amber and vanilla.


How and why to use it

The In-shower or Dry skin After-sun can be used as a regular after-sun: spread into the body using the palms of your hands until absorbed. To use in the shower, wash and rinse first, then apply the after-sun over the skin, and rinse again. The skin feels instantly nourished and protected. A clinical study has shown that, even 48 hours after application, transepidermal water loss is significantly reduced. In a consumer test, panelists remarked upon the after-sun's powerful moisturizing qualities, satiny finish, non-greasy and protective film. Women in a different test noted that they were able to dress quickly after application, their suntans were enhanced, and skin felt nurtured and comfortable.


Have you tried the in-shower after-sun trend? Are you a convert already?

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