With so much on our list of top priorities—career, marriage, babies, social life-- we don’t want to find a “compromise” balance. We want it all at the same time, and it’s non-negotiable. Besides, why not? We can manage.

Effects of a hectic lifestyle on our skin.

One tiny slap of reality: a hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our skin. The result? After a while, especially around our thirties, our skin isn’t so forgiving, and plasters the evidence on our face. In other words, not compromising our goals translates into a fast-paced lifestyle filled with bad habits, like fatigue from barely sleeping and piling too much on our shoulders, poor nutrition (that means junk food!), drinking as well as smoking often, and long exposures to the sun. These habits are what we call Behavioural Aging, aka variables within our environment and behaviour that accelerate the natural aging process.
Take a deep breath. There are still ways to improve our skin’s quality without changing our habits. First, establish a consistent and behavioural aging targeted skin care routine; one in which removing makeup before bedtime is a given. Second, maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise. Scroll down for more expert tips on caring for our skin in our 30’s.