Lately, it seems as though having "a moment to myself" sounds a lot more like a luxury than a reality. It's not surprising; we have so much to do all the time, at the same time. It's go-go-go from our wakeup time to their bedtime-- and it's exhausting, but we secretly love it. And why wouldn't we? It's so rewarding to witness ourselves tale on careers, devote ourselves to our children and household, fit in time for the gym, and more(becaouse there's always more). We've become addicted to mastering multitasking like champions. This superwoman alter ego solidifies the newfound sense of confidence we've merely flirted with our entire lives, until now.

Effects of chronological aging on our skin

In our 40's, we know what we want, and we want it all: especially our youth. But our years of experiences, expressions and sentiments are starting to show on our faces, thankyouverymuch. Crow's feet develop around the eyes, frown lines appear and smile lines around our mouths deepen. That's because we're losing volume in our face: the subcutaneous fat gradually decreases over time. Plus, stress doesn't help, in fact, it speeds up the aging process, and makes us look older at the end of the day compared to that same morning.
Don't slam the panic button just yet. Luckily, there are ways to maintain smooth and firm skin. First, establish a consistent and targeted anti-aging skin care routine; one in which a good serum and night cream become your surrogate children. Second working on your inner self and avoiding specific foods become part of your grocery list of challenges. Scroll down for more expert tips on caring for our skin in our 40's.