Take a deep breath. Feel that? That’s wisdom; something we’ve longed to achieve our entire lives, and now exude on a daily basis. Ever since we’ve entered this next chapter (and leaving those hot flashes in the past—where they belong!), it seems as though loving ourselves comes easily. Things that once bothered us wouldn’t make a splash in our ocean of contentment today, and our newfound confidence gracefully halos over our sense of womanhood—a significant upgrade from our insecure 20’s. In other words, we’ve never felt better.

How the next stage in our lives affects our skin.

One tiny problem, though: this incredible sense of self doesn’t translate equally onto our skin. We’ve lost firmness as well as hydration, and while we may be skin care savvy, menopausal skin requires more care and attention. As oestrogen levels drop, there’s a loss of supportive fat below the skin of the face and neck, causing sagginess, and a drop in collagen, causing dryness.
Don’t despair. There are many ways for us to maintain beautiful-looking skin. First, establish a targeted anti-wrinkle routine; one which includes a powerful rejuvenating concentrate of nourishing oils aimed at firming and hydrating skin. Second, continue riding the confidence wave by establishing a wellness routine. Scroll down for expert tips on how to take care of yourself and your skin throughout this life change.