Sure, we’re all caught in a whirlwind: it’s called Life. Yet we’re often so wrapped up in our everyday futilities, we don’t realize Life happened. Before we know it, another project is piled onto our shoulders, that guy we’re seeing becomes our forever, and boom! We’re sending our kids to grade school. Life passed by in a blink. And then one day, out of the blue, we take a good look in the mirror: when did those appear? Those dark spots weren’t there before. How dare they surface overnight? While we’re still scratching our heads piecing the last few years together, the reality check was under our nose the whole time: nothing happens in a blink; things happen progressively and over time.

Effects of overnight changes on our skin.

Skin and Life are both consequences of where our whirlwind took them. Did we spend too much time under the sun? Did we stress too much? And while it may feel that way, we didn’t loose our glow overnight either. Dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone are developed over time from the increased deposition of melanin (skin’s defense system), which results in dark patches due to sun exposure, hormonal changes, past acne, inflammation, and skin injuries.
Hold on, there’s hope. Skin can appear evened out and spots can look paler. First, customize a skin care routine that includes LHA and Glycolic acid as active ingredients, and sunscreen as a moisturizer. Second, be proactively mindful of Life’s whirlwind rather than catching up with it—and the eventual skin damage. Scroll down for more ways to care for hyperpigmentation.