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3 Enjoyable Moments Per Day to Care For Yourself at 50

Learn about menopositivity, or how to enjoy life and take care of yourself at age 50 by doing 3 things per day, with Florence Servan-Schreiber.

Learn about menopositivity, or how to enjoy life and take care of yourself at age 50

Being serene and optimistic as your fifties approach by taking care of yourself is a good plan! It’s the plan of Florence Servan-Schreiber, a satisfied woman in her early fifties and Professor of Happiness who is sharing the benefits of menopositivity with us.

What is the crux of happiness?

Charles Trenet once sang, “What are we waiting for to be happy?” If happiness could be ordered, we would all be 100% equipped with it since this universal aspiration is ageless. However, the ability to be happy depends on various factors that are more or less controllable. At any rate, this is what is supported by Florence Servan-Schreiber, author of the book 3 kifs par jour.

Thus, scientists have discovered the existence of a gene called 5-HTT. Depending on its length, it more or less promotes the production of dopamine and endorphin, two neurotransmitters responsible for happiness that influence our well-being and morale. This genetic legacy counts for half of our ability to be happy. Outside conditions like the weather, where you live, or the money that you have can be added to this and count for only 10% of our ability to be happy.

The remaining 40% of our tendency towards happiness is related to our behavior, thoughts, and beliefs. The way that we interpret what happens to us and our ability to open ourselves up to change are the keys to our potential for fulfillment. It is possible to feel differently about and even amplify what is good for us by changing our habits and developing our interior dialogue.

Transforming menopause into menopositivity

For women, the start of their fifties signals a period of hormonal variations and menopause, a phenomenon that has direct consequences on skin, sleep, and mood and that involves symptoms that can be disruptive but that aren’t inevitable.

The good news is that at age 50, we are affected by another phenomenon, and a positive one at that: individuation. “I am becoming who I am.” “I don’t have anything left to prove to anyone, neither professionally nor personally.” “I am having fun and taking care of myself!”

So how can you cultivate your happiness?

3 enjoyable moments per day

You know about the feelings of happiness that are shared between things you enjoy and moments of grace? To better enjoy your life, and to enjoy it more, every night, celebrate 3 things that made you happy by expressing your gratitude with a frank and cheerful thank you.

Take care of yourself

Exercise, get enough sleep, pamper your skin, be good to yourself, discover meditation, work on your breathing, etc.

Connect with others

Maintaining quality romantic, friendly, or familial relationships provides quantifiable well-being. Contact is also essential. It reduces stress and can even soothe physical pain.

Explore, take chances, and surpass your expectations

Curiosity and challenges are true drivers of happiness. Novelty stimulates positive connections in the brain. Now that you have discovered positive psychology, take a paper and pencil and start your list of what else you would like to discover. 


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