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Skin has specific needs during menopause. A closer look at the new cosmetic solution you should adopt.

DHEA: the skin’s youth hormone

DHEA, the real name of which is didehydroepiandrosterone, is the most abundant steroid hormone in the skin. While DHEA reaches its production peak at age 25, the rate falls with age and at 70, it appears at a rate of only 10%. However, it is in women’s fifties, during the onset of menopause, that its maximum concentration really falls.

Commonly known as the youth hormone, DHEA has an impact on the body’s overall function and therefore on the skin, both the dermis and the epidermis. L’Oréal research has shown that, when applied to the skin, it acts on several physiological processes of youth. These studies have notably shown that DHEA, when applied topically, acts positively on the dermis and epidermis and when the level of the hormone decreases, dehydration, loss of firmness, and aging of the skin accelerate.

A formula that compensates for the effects of menopause on the skin

Vichy Laboratoires went to work to imagine a formula capable of mimicking the cutaneous effects of this youth hormone on the skin. 14 years of research that started by demonstrating that topical application of this hormone allowed for positive action on the thickness of the epidermis, moisture, radiance, and sebum production were conducted. It also reduces the appearance of new wrinkles.

No break for the skin during menopause

No need to come up with a fantastic name for this formula, which is specifically for mature, menopausal skin. Its goal is to compensate for the effects of DHEA on the skin to give it new youth. It will therefore be named Compensating Complex and may be found in the new Neovadiol line from Vichy.

- A maximum concentration of Pro-Xylane to give skin thickness and density.
- Glycerin to hydrate and replump
- Hepes to regenerate the epidermis
- Hedione, a derivative of jasmonic acid, to increase the natural production of lipids and smooth the skin.


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