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Beauty begins with...5 Steps to Wellness

Beauty begins with...5 Steps to Wellness

Advice from experts to promote wellness and feeling good about yourself because you deserve it.

My Wellness Heaven, Feeling Good About Myself

In our fast-paced lives, it is crucial to set aside time for yourself to refocus. A moment of quiet that promotes wellness, happiness, inner peace and self-love. Advice from experts and a “feel good” guide for a daylong at-home retreat.
Am I tired? Stressed? What do I need? These questions, which often come up in our minds, need to be properly addressed. To achieve wellness, you need to take a break. Whether it consists of 10 minutes a day or 15 minutes a week, set aside some time to relax and reflect.

“In our often very busy lives, we lose track of our wants and needs. It is crucial that we take a break, set aside some ‘alone time’ so that we can tune in to our needs.”
-Josée Guérin, nutritionist and psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders and obesity."

1. Take an Epsom Salt Bath

An Epsom salt bath is a great way to unwind, detoxify and care for your body... To transform this relaxing moment into a health and beauty treatment, add some Epsom salts, which have remineralizing properties. Once absorbed by the skin, the magnesium in Epsom salts releases the toxins from your body and relaxes your nervous system. An Epsom salth bath is a wonderful stress reliever that promotes muscle relaxation. Prolong the moment with Vichy’s Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil, a soap free cleanser that hydrates your skin and provides a spa-like experience

2. Give yourself permission to do nothing

“The purpose of this day is to create an experience where you feel good,” Josée says. “Wellness doesn’t mean that everything is perfect and you are totally blissful... It can simply mean doing nothing, learning to just be.” What would be a great way of doing nothing? Trying out a Vichy face mask. There are number of face mask types to choose from: quenching, pore purifying, and double glow peel. And while you are at it, why not consider multi masking? Multi masking consists in applying a face mask to each area of your face for specific skin needs. Anything goes when you’re doing nothing!

3. Connect with your breath

Breathing can help maintain the acid-base balance in the body and oxygenate organs naturally. Use a technique to become aware of your breathing. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to stimulate your body’s prāna (life force). Apply Vichy’s Ideal Body Hand & Nail Cream with an ultra-sensorial texture and breathe in its delicate fragrance for an optimal feeling of wellness.

4. Create space for yourself

“To experience this moment with full awareness,” Josée Guérin says, “you first need to find a place where you can be alone and create a cosy area for your wellness with personal items that you like such as a cushion, blanket and candle. You can then work on stimulating your senses with incense, a view of a lake, relaxing music or a body massage with a therapeutic product such as the Ideal Body Balm with a high concentration of shea butter.

5. Release your thoughts

A great way to achieve inner growth during this day is to write your thoughts down in a journal or meditate on inspirational writings on life or personal growth. The idea is to let your thoughts wander about what you are reading and stimulate your intuition and creativity. You can use this moment to meditate with your eyes closed, your face relaxed, and your lips supple and soft with a lip plumper like the Ideal Body Replumping Lip Balm. Heavenly!

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