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AIR LICIUM™ is an ultralight aerogel that gives the skin a purifying sensation. It also has a mattifying blurring effect and helps disperse and evaporate sweat, which leads to long-lasting sebum absorption to reduce the visibility of pores.


AIR LICIUM™, is an ingredient discovered through space research.The lightest ingredient in the galaxy of skincare molecules and a new ally for treating imperfection and acne prone adult skin is a technological jewel. The star of the matte finish in cosmetics, AIR LICIUM™ is a derivative of silica.


Made of 99% air and 1% of absorbent silica, this high-tech ingredient is able to absorb a very high amount of sebum into its mesh-like network structure. It thereby absorbs the sebum that has accumulated on the surface of the epidermis.

But its beauty properties dont stop there. AIR LICIUM™ exhibits superhydrophobicity, a phenomenon called the lotus effect. This allows it to provide an instantaneous anti-sweat effect that makes the skin cleaner


The lightest ingredient in the world, AIR LICIUM™ allows you to refresh your skin and fight excess sebum that has built up on the surface of your face and little by little keeps it from breathing


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Ingredient: Air Licium


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