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3 ways to fight thinning hair after 40

3 ways to fight thinning hair after 40

If you’ve noticed that your hair has become thinner in the last few years, you’re not alone. Damage linked to styling, age and hormonal changes often lead to finer or weaker hair as we approach our forties, but there are a few key changes you can make to reduce the visible impact.

Hair loss and hair thinning - also known as hair mass decrease - may seem like two sides of the same coin, but it’s important to make the distinction when looking to understand your haircare problems. Whether you suffer from hair that’s falling out, or strands that are experiencing reduced thickness and quality, the solution lies in improving your hair’s strength, resistance and overall health for an optimum growth cycle.


To improve the quality of your hair, it might be worth considering a few changes to your diet. Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, are excellent sources of folic acid and vitamin A - essential for healthy hair. Meanwhile, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D, found in foods such as eggs and mushrooms, as this vitamin helps regulate keratin production. Bonus: healthy hair, skin and nails go hand in hand, so you’ll also be giving your complexion a boost!


It’s important to choose the right haircare products to help improve hair’s long-term strength and mass. To avoid weighing hair down, take care not to go overboard with conditioner and styling creams - and be sure to thoroughly rinse out shampoo to avoid greasy roots. Choosing the right ingredients is also crucial when looking to give hair a fuller appearance. Dercos’ Densi-Solutions Thickening Shampoo is enriched with Filloxane, a thickening molecule that replicates its structure within the hair fibre, thickening hair from the inside out.


If you struggle with fine hair, you should know that your hairstyle can have a significant effect on the quality and quantity of your hair. Overbrushing or aggressively combing or brushing your hair can damage the hair fibre, while going overboard with heat-related styling tools, such as blow dryers or curlers, is likely to lead to split ends - not great for giving an appearance of thick, voluminous hair!

Instead, leave hair to dry naturally while changing up your parting and hairstyle on a regular basis. This prevents hair from being constantly pulled in the same direction, minimizing breakage - important for those of us with already thin hair! If you really can’t do without your blow dryer, remove the nozzle to diffuse the heat more evenly. For added volume, tip your head upside down and blow dry from the roots down, combing through with your fingertips for extra body. Same goes for your flat-irons: try and limit usage to once a week or so, and avoid temperatures over 190°C.


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