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Choose Your Energy Breakfast

Discover expert nutritionist tips for fighting physical & mental fatigue by choosing energy breakfasts that restore, replenish & rehydrate your body, by Vichy.

Our expert’s advice

“Fatigue can be physical or intellectual. At breakfast, to regain energy after sleep you first need to rehydrate your body. Then, to face physical fatigue, complete cereals represent a real energy supply, cacao can deliver a boosting Magnesium portion, while milk-derived products can help with their dynamogenic protein content. Fermented products, in particular, are helpful in case of intellectual fatigue, since they protect our “second brain”: the intestines, that are particularly connected to the nervous system. Never forget a dose of antioxidants to balance the impacts of a fast life on your body and your skin”
-Dr. Véronique Lebar, Nutritionist and Cosmetologist

Together with Dr. Lebar, we developed 2 exclusive breakfast tips, taking into account the kind of fatigue affects you more frequently.

Physical fatigue
-    1 cup of coffee & milk… or hot chocolate! 
-    3 slices of complete bread, with a little butter and jam
-    1 portion of antioxidant-rich fruits, fresh or dry (citrus, blueberries, blackberries, redcurrant, papaya…)

Intellectual fatigue
-    1 cup of Black tea or Kombucha
-    1 cup of Greek yoghurt with cereal or granola
-    1 portion of antioxidant-rich fruits, fresh or dry (citrus, blueberries, blackberries, redcurrant, papaya…)

A final tip from Dr. Lebar : the most common cause of fatigue among women is… lack of iron, naturally lost during menstruation and often not supplemented with food (especially when red meat is not your favorite dish…). Keep an eye on your iron level and, following medical advice, evaluate if you might need an iron supplement.

With the help of this tip, you can boost the energy level of your body and, in return, your skin. To further fight fatigue you can discover the whole IDEALIA range. Rich in antioxidants, Idealia gives your skin the boost it needs to fight the first signs of aging and smooth fine lines, revive your glow and refine pores.


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