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Can menopause cause itchy skin and why is it common to have more skin allergies during menopause?

During menopause the skin barrier weakens, making your skin prone to allergies. But don't worry, we gathered the best advice and tips to ease those conditions.

Skin allergies during menopause  can be very common. The skin changes during menopause, its barrier is under attack and let’s just say that the walls aren’t as high and solid as they were. That is essentially why you feel the dryness or any discomfort you may feel on your skin. But rest assured there are advices and tips how to ease menopause allergies.

Hormonal changes during menopause may create menopause skin conditions

Decline in estrogen and androgens during menopause alter cell and immunity functions responsible for allergic manifestations of the skin. The diminution of estrogen hormones weakens skin barrier, acts on the cells and proteins that can trigger allergies. As the skin changes during menopause, it becomes thinner, dryer, irritated, and more prone to allergies.

This is why we strongly recommend using mild facial cleansers for menopausal skin, low pH moisturizers, and the best skincare for menopausal skin that will ease this change. Of course in case of skin irritations we strongly recommend to visit a  dermatologist or to ask your pharmacist for suitable skincare for menopausal skin.

Key elements to remember for menopausal skin

Allergies happen more frequently on menopausal dried out, sensitive skin

What to do about it?

Keys to face those allergies are mild facial cleansers for menopausal skin and low pH moisturizers.

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