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Living in harmony with your sensitive skin

Living in harmony with your sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can cause redness & irritation, so discover Vichy's skincare & beauty tips to avoid discomfort, including gentle & soothing cleansing techniques.

Whether we’re talking lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, or forgetting to put on sunscreen, we’ve all been guilty of the occasional skincare sin. Read on for some simple tips on how to live with your sensitive skin day-to-day.

Adopting the right skincare habits, morning, noon and night

As soon as you wake up, take the time to properly cleanse skin. Harsh exfoliants are a no-no for sensitive skin, so consider an alcohol- and paraben-free milky facial cleanser to leave skin feeling squeaky clean, without stripping it of its natural oils. Avoid washing your face with water that’s too hot, as this can upset delicate skin: lukewarm showers or baths are best. If in doubt, try not to chop and change your routine too much: there’s no need to try and overcompensate to try and prevent skin reactions, not to mention that layering too many products can clog pores, encouraging spots and imperfections. Fortunately, Vichy Aqualia Extrasensitive has been specially formulated to provide lasting hydration for sensitive skin. Don’t forget: keeping it simple is key!

Lifestyle tips to help calm sensitive skin

Of course, using the right products can only do so much in terms of preventing negative reactions in sensitive skin. It’s important to look after skin throughout the day, remembering that the better hydrated your skin is, the better it will be able to resist external triggers than can provoke irritation or redness below the surface of the epidermis. Adopting a few simple habits, such as avoiding overapplication of skincare products or regularly spritzing skin with a delicate mist, such as Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, can help soothe easily upset skin. Sensitive skin’s weakened barrier functions can leave the epidermis more susceptible to pollution and UV rays, so remember to apply SPF daily to avoid causing negative reactions linked to these exposome-related factors. Finally, sensitive skin is much more likely to show the effects of stress and fatigue, so take extra care when it comes to ensuring you get enough good-quality sleep. Well rested, well-hydrated skin = skin that’s far less likely to react when confronted with typical triggers.

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