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How to Save Your Skin from Hard Water: 4 Face Cleansing Tips

These beauty tips will neutralize hard water so you can cleanse your skin without irritating it.

These beauty tips will neutralize hard water so you can cleanse your skin without irritating it.

It's second nature for most to begin their beauty regimen with a clean, washed face. Do you frequently use water to wash your face and remove makeup residue? In the long run, it turns out that hard water dries out your skin and makes it more sensitive. Vichy Canada has compiled 4 face wash tips to help combat negative hard water effects.


Water softeners are an ideal alternative when in the city. This filtering system allows you to purify hard water of harsh chlorine and limestone, which your skin will quickly thank you for. Say goodbye to tight sensations the feeling of crocodile skin.


Add makeup removers that work against hard water to your daily routine. The goal is to preserve the optimum quality of the hydrolipidic film that serves as a protective barrier on the surface of the skin, and using the best face cleanser's are the way to achieve this. Formulas that specifically counter hard water are enriched with key ingredient glycerin to compensate for its negative effects and reinforce skin’s hydration. Soft skin for all!


Change up your daily habits. For example, wash your face “differently”. How? With 3-in-1 micellar water, the best cleanser to rid your makeup residue while keeping skin refreshed. Dirt and pollution are automatically dissolved without any need to scrub. Need the feeling of water on your skin? Finish the cleansing with a spray of thermal water. The perfect combination of the enjoyment and freshness of water, without any of the negative consequences.


Finally, rid yourself of the feeling of dry skin with a high quality face moisturizer or face serum. This is a habit that immediately soothes skin and allows it to maintain its hydrolipidic film day after day, as well as its youth. Add this step in during the makeup removal process, and end your day with smooth and hydrated skin.

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