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Peptides: Meet the Game-Changing Anti-Ageing Ingredient

Peptides: Meet the Game-Changing Anti-Ageing Ingredient

Peptides are the new anti-ageing ingredients to look out for

With retinol, antioxidants, AHAs and vitamin C all looming large on beauty ingredients lists, it might seem like there’s a new super-active every month. The latest buzzword in beauty is peptides, short chains of amino acids some of which are known for the power to re-start collagen’ production, slowing the ageing process. Here’s why it’s the anti-ageing active you need to know about.

Over time, just like the rest of the body, our skin metabolism slows, meaning that it renews itself less efficiently and makes collagen – the main fiber in the dermis – more slowly, leading to a loss of firmness and elasticity. Add too much time in the sun and exposure to UV rays into the equation, and the process speeds up drastically. In addition, inflammation caused by free radicals in aggressors like pollution and cigarette smoke can accelerate the skin-ageing process. So as we get older, the skin needs to be stimulated to repair itself.

The peptide powerhouse

One way of doing this, is by choosing active ingredients that target the key skin fibers collagen and elastin. Enter peptides, a powerful family of anti-ageing ingredients that have an in vitro proven efficacy. They exist naturally in the body already in feel-good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin and work by locking onto receptor cells and triggering metabolic actions, like telling skin cells to make more collagen, or to absorb and use fat. Some of the most effective peptides, selected for skincare products, are pea peptide and tripeptides.

Pea peptide is naturally derived. It works to reinforce collagen and elastin, and encourage the skin to keep making them and also stabilizes the link between the dermis and epidermis, to make skin firmer.

Tripeptides are a powerhouse ingredient that increase synthesis of collagen and lumican - that keeps connective tissues stable - to reinforce the skin’s structure and make it stronger overall. It improves skin thickness and leaves it plumper.

How to work it into your beauty routine

Choosing skincare with peptides, like Liftactiv Collagen Specialist, is making an investment in your skin’ youth and beauty. And teamed with other ingredients, they can be even more powerful.

Designed specifically to correct visible signs of collagen loss on skin, it’s no surprise that the Liftactiv Collagen Specialist is packed full of peptides. It’s made up of 38% active ingredients, which is the highest level ever produced by the Vichy Laboratories, as part of a hypoallergenic formula that is gentle on sensitive skin. Coupled with vitamin C to fight pigmentation, eperuline to sooth skin and HEPES to smooth skin’s surface, the peptides in Liftactiv round out a potent anti-ageing formula. Tests have shown an increase in skin firmness, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and at the nasolabial fold, and that all-important improvement in epidermal renewal that makes you look younger and better-rested.

It can be difficult to confidently navigate the world of anti-ageing skincare. Look for peptides and let them do the hard work for you, so you can be sure you’re supporting your skin as best as you can. Because that’s the best way to target 100% of ageing signs.


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