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Pimple SOS: Tips for Dealing with a Breakout

Pimple SOS: Tips for Dealing with a Breakout

If the moment a pimple appears on your face you’re immediately overcome with the urge to touch it, this article is for you!

Touching a pimple is an unfortunate reflex that can cause secondary infections and a mark or scar later on. Resist the urge to pick and catch more helpful tips from our experts: Dermatologist Philippe Deshayes and General Director of Consumer and Market Insight, Odile Mohen.

Where did this pimple come from? I’m not a teenager anymore!

Invisible yesterday but here today: why did this pimple appear now? Dermatologist Philippe Deshayes explains that, “A sebaceous gland is made to secrete sebum, which sometimes does not get removed. Then a small blockage forms at the opening. Since the sebum can’t be eliminated, a pimple forms.”

But what makes the pimple worse (going from a simple blackhead to a painful, large, red pimple) is bacterial contamination. Why? Simply because certain bacteria that are present in our environment and the natural flora of our skin will feed on the sebum. They then multiply in this environment that promotes bacterial growth, which causes inflammation.

A pimple appears: don’t fiddle with it!

Your hands unconsciously touch this infamous pimple up to 65 times per day. This is what will lead to tragedy for your skin and prolong the life of the offending pimple.
Because your hands are not just touching your pimple. They are also coming into contact with everyday objects. Bacteria abound on hands and nails, even after regular washing. Microbiologists have counted thousands of germs on smartphones (where there are 25,000 germs on average per cm²), steering wheels, shopping carts, computer keyboards, etc. The list is long.

Philippe Deshayes is also categorical: “Do not touch a pimple or you risk secondary infection or lesions that are harder and take longer to get rid of.” Basically, the opposite of what you want!

Touch, no; treat, yes

The right instinct: wash your face morning and night with a lotion or cleanser rich in salicylic acid, the key dermatological ingredient for purifying the skin of imperfections.
To be really sure that you don’t fiddle with the darn pimple, cover it with an invisible liquid bandage like Normaderm Hyaluspot. In addition to reducing heating, hyaluronic acid protects the pimple from bacterial cross-contamination while the LHA and salicylic acid work on inflammation.

Don’t let a pimple ruin your life!

“When a pimple appears, you feel powerless,” says Odile Mohen. Our instinct is to want to try to control our skin, which is just doing whatever it wants, to regain control whatever the consequences.” Popping a pimple therefore seems like an immediately liberating action. Wrong!

So, how can you resist? By following Odile’s three tips:

  • Stay away from mirrors! Like the ones in the elevator and your car’s rear-view mirror. Especially avoid the ones in your bathroom, because (magnifying) mirrors distort reality and, alone in your bathroom with what you see, the temptation is too great!
  • Take the drama out of the situation! Before an important appointment or meeting, calm down and repeat, “Yes, I have a pimple, but it’s temporary and it’ll go away!” To draw attention away from that “spot,” paint your nails a bright color like a brilliant red or a super-trendy midnight blue.<
  • Keep your hands and your mind busy! Acting in the best interests of your skin is reassuring! Cleanse it, protect it, and hide the blemish with a tailored corrective makeup.

Now it is up to you to play now that you’ve unlocked the secrets of standing your ground and facing the appearance of a pimple!


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