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How Using Sun Care Protection Can Improve your Tan

How Using Sun Care Protection Can Improve your Tan

It’s possible to still get a golden glow, even while using sunscreen!

More beautiful skin that tans quicker, better, and lasts longer... the dream is now possible!

Tanning urban myths

Does sun protection prevent skin from tanning? No! By applying sun protection, you are protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, but not preventing the development of melanin, the pigment which gives us that golden glow. This is why it's important to choose suncare that covers the entire UV spectrum, and which is suitable for sensitive skin.

Does naturally-tanned skin need sun protection? Yes! You might be lucky enough to have a lot of naturally-occurring melanin in your skin, but this does not protect it from UV rays. While lighter skin may show signs of exposure more quickly (redness, sensitivity), darker skin still suffers damage deeper within the epidermis. Using sun protection gives your skin a protected base from which you can then work on your tan.

How to naturally improve your tan

Did you know that there are certain foods that give skin a healthy, tanned glow? Carotenoids, found in carrots, tomatoes, plums, spinach and more, bring a natural tanned look to skin.

If you already have a tan from the sun, ensure you protect and maintain the skin's quality by using an after-sun designed to cool, nourish and hydrate, as well as drinking plenty of water. Healthy, protected skin will look better and retain its tan for longer.

Sunscreens for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can have a tendency to react to some sun creams due to build-up or irritation from harsh ingredients. The Ideal Soleil collection by Vichy has been formulated specifically for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, the formulae have been clinically tested as providing protection while remaining suitable for sensitive skin.

To protect your skin from UV rays, it is recommended to limit your exposure to the sun. Whether you want a healthy golden tan, require a water-resistant suncare or a lotion that suits all the family, Ideal Soleil has the perfect suncare solution for your specific needs.


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