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Beauty begins Efficiant Skin Care Routine

Perfect skin was not achieved in a day. Fight the signs of aging and discover the wonders of an efficient skin care routine.

Perfect skin was not achieved in a day. Fight the signs of aging and discover the wonders of an efficient skin care routine.

Beautiful and Active 40-Year-Old Mother

In one’s 40s, family life and career are in full swing. It becomes difficult to balance work, family, social activities and outings while taking good care of your skin, which is now starting to show a few signs of aging. Here are some simple tips and tricks to give your skin the care it deserves.

No time

Cindy Pelletier is a 45-year-old single mother who is self-employed. Her 10-year-old son loves sports. Between the time she gets up at 6:45 a.m., school, work and after-school sports, she takes care of her skin, but like most women in their 40s, she is worried about wrinkles and saggy skin. “I would love to go see an esthetician,” she says, “but the truth of the matter is, I just don’t have the time!”

An Efficient Skin Care Routine

For Cindy, skin care must be efficient. “I hate complicated routines,” she says. “It has to be as simple as possible. I have my morning and evening skin care routine; I cleanse my skin and hydrate it a lot, because I have dry skin. Since I turned 40, I have been using anti wrinkle creams along with an eye cream. I also try to exfoliate my skin once a week,” she adds.

Aging Skin

Loss of firmness, signs of fatigue, loss of moisture: at 40, your skin needs more care to recover from daily aggressors. “When you turn 40, you notice fine lines that are a little deeper around the eyes and on the forehead, along with an uneven skin tone, and dull skin,” says dermatologist Dr. Sonya Abdulla. “You also notice sagging skin around the eyes and in the middle of the face,” she adds.

Appropriate Skin Care

Do you have very little time? Ideally, you should use a skin care product that can meet several needs at the same time. “Products that contain hyaluronic acid along with certain ingredients such as retinol and rhamnose can meet several needs at the same time and combat the loss of elasticity, dryness, and revitalizing glowing skin at a cellular level,” Dr. Abdulla says.

Lifactiv: Anti Aging Skin Care

To accelerate skin regeneration, the Liftactiv line includes the synergistic effects of three ingredients: rhamnose, a powerful sugar extracted from silver birch that reinforces firming skin, fragmented hyaluronic acid, which allows twice as much rhamnose to be infused into the skin, and Vichy thermal water, with 15 essential minerals. Efficient and fast-acting, Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme is the ideal skin care product for meeting all your needs in a single application.

Extras Skin Care Tips

Are you looking for overall skin care? You also need to pay special attention to the area around the eyes. “If you have time,” Dr. Abdulla says, “you can focus on areas of your face such as around the eyes where the skin is finer and more sensitive to signs of aging such as wrinkles and crow’s feet.” Lastly, a balanced diet and quality sleep will also help improve skin texture and its complexion.

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