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Beauty Tips for the Working Mom: Roxanne West, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Beauty Tips for the Working Mom: Roxanne West, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Get to know Beauty Tips for the Working Mom: Roxanne West, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Get to know Roxanne West, stay at home mom of two and full time lifestyle blogger. Discover how she manages her time for her skin care routine. #VichyLover


Roxanne West of Bonjour Bliss Blog is a stay at home mom of two also a lifestyle blogger. She blogs about a variety of topics from beauty, home decor to traveling...and everything else in between that she is passionate about! #VichyLover. 

How did you decide to become a full time blogger

I travelled to New Zealand when I was 19 for 3 years on an adventure of a lifetime, it was there that I first started blogging to share my experience with my friends and family back home. This is where I first started doing collaborations with brands as an influencer as well. I loved the opportunity to be my own boss and be creative while doing what I love. When I moved back to Canada I started working in Fashion again but after finding out we were having our first baby we knew I would be staying home to raise our kids so I wanted to find a career I could do from home while being a stay at home mom—enter in blogging again!

What's your daily inspiration for blog content?

I read a lot of magazines and I work a lot from my own imagination, sometimes I get these great ideas that I can’t bring to fruition because I am just so busy at home with two little ones and a big house renovation but for the most part my ideas start from a vision in my head of how I can authentically show how a brand fits into my day to day life. It’s really fun and all of the amazing influencers in this industry around the world inspire me every day!

Did you have to give up a regular daily job to become a full time blogger or it happened naturally?

It happened naturally and I was so happy to stay home to be a blogger, I feel so blessed every day to be with my kids while having my career and there have been such incredible experiences I have been able to share with them. We hope to travel more of the world in 2017 with the kids so they can learn about more beyond our home.

How do you juggle between mother's duties dans staying on top of your things for your blog?

I am not sure I even have the answer to this. Do I even juggle it all? Sometimes I feel like I am just staying a float, it can be so overwhelming to try and run a career while also trying to be the best mom I can be. Try and find balance. Make sure you have time to be present. Focus on the little ones and time for work. Try not to juggle them both at the same time all of the time - it will exhaust you! I am still working all the time at finding my best way to stay organized. It is hard in this industry. 

How do you relax?

I love that I am always learning in this industry. There are constantly new skin care products and innovations hitting the market that wow and push me to take better care of my skin. The skin care industry has come such a long way in the last ten years. I love working in the skin care industry as well because often we get to try skin care products before they are being marketed to the public and be ahead of the game. Also using the best of the best to treat my skin for aging skin prior to hitting 30 is something I am grateful for! 

Do you have any beauty tips you can share with our readers? Any main rules you live by int beauty?

Yes! Take care of your skin. I took forever to actually start giving my skin the love and care it deserves and only now in the last 5 years have I truly pampered my skin. Also, use SPF. Sun protection is a real issue and not enough people take it seriously. it is so crucial to good skin care. 

What are your futur plans

We are in the middle of a big renovation so right now that is our big focus and of course family time with the kids, we also have a ton of travel plans for this coming winter.

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