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Beauty begins with… Vichy Volcanic Water, the Essential Source to Vichy Skin Care

Beauty begins with… Vichy Volcanic Water, the Essential Source to Vichy Skin Care

After a long journey through thousands of years old rocks, experience Vichy Volcanic Water at the heart of our formulation.

Vichy Volcanic Water: Used for Skin Care

Drawn at a depth of 15 metres in Auvergne, France, Vichy Volcanic Water, the key ingredient in all Vichy products, has exceptional properties for maintaining healthy skin. An overview of its history, beneficial properties and one-of-a-kind medical spa.

A Biref History of Vichy Vichy Volcanic Water

The story of Vichy dates back to 1931, when Dr. Haller, medical director of the Vichy thermal treatment centre in France, discovered that Vichy Volcanic Water had the capacity to improve sensitive skin and step up the healing of damaged skin. Following dermatological research, Dr. Haller decided to take advantage of Vichy Volcanic Water by providing customized treatments to women for each skin type. This was how the first line of skin care products containing Vichy Vichy Volcanic Water was launched by the visionary Dr. Haller.

Pure and Remineralizing

Vichy Volcanic Water is incredibly pure because it is drawn at a depth of several metres in Auvergne, far from any pollution and bacteriological contamination. Filtered by nature and as a result of its unique volcanic heritage, Vichy Mineral Water preserves the skin’s balance in an almost miraculous manner through the 15 minerals it contains. Vichy Mineral Water has the rebalancing, fortifying and regenerating properties sought after by women with sensitive, moisture-depleted, or dry skin. It also soothes and protects skin from external aggressors such as pollution, stimulates the skin’s natural defenses, and acts as a shield against oxidative stress. Better yet, it speeds up cell renewal, tightens pores, maintains sebum levels and reduces the skin’s loss of moisture.

A Complete Approach in Skin Care

For the past 85 years, Vichy has been a leader in the cosmetics industry. Its secret: ultra high-quality products and a complete approach to skin care. “Vichy was originally a medical brand focused on efficacy. Over the years, it started to focus more on the sensory aspect of cosmetic skin care products. This year, we are returning to our roots, our values and our flagship products. Vichy believes that beauty begins with general health. Everything is interconnected: physical activity, sleep, diet and mental health.”
“Vichy believes that a holistic approach is key to achieving truly beautiful and healthy skin,” says Mara Vezeau, who is in charge of integrated communications and medical relations for Vichy.

Vichy Volcanic Water: A Quiet Forme

Vichy Volcanic Water is the key ingredient in all Vichy products. Each line, whether intended for those over 40, acne prone skin, or as a response to the first signs of aging, draws unique strength from it to optimize and boost the action of its other active ingredients.

A Medical Spa at the Source

The largest medical thermal spa in Europe was created at Vichy to allow visitors to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of Vichy Volcanic Water directly at the source. The Vichy Célestins Thermal Spa features complete treatments with an integrated health facet. The spa offers a comprehensive health assessment, health/beauty/fitness packages, and three signature treatments that use Vichy Volcanic Water. Some of the most iconic include the thermal-water jacuzzi and jet shower, vegeto-mineral mud wrap, and the indispensable Vichy Shower that includes a two-handed or four-handed massage. “This is the spa’s oldest treatment,” says Mara Vezeau, who had the opportunity to try it. “It is extremely soothing and sensual, while the water relaxes you and gives you the feeling of being under the rain and massaged at the same time. “The Spa Célestin also gives guests an opportunity to explore the clinical know-how of the Vichy brand and the expertise of the application of treatments, such as the new face masks.”

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