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Everyday exposome: how city living can affect sensitive skin

Everyday exposome: how city living can affect sensitive skin

Whether it's pollution, UV rays, lack of sleep, or stress, city life can affect women with sensitive skin. Discover Vichy's tips to protect skin from damage.

Whether we’re talking pollution, public transport, or spending too much time at the office, women with sensitive complexions can be more affected than most by the stresses of city life. Read on for some of the most common culprits when it comes to upsetting delicate skin.

How can the exposome hurt my sensitive skin?

We know that when trying to ensure our skin’s long-term future, it’s important to make sure we’re protected against external triggers - globally known as the ‘exposome’ - that can have the potential to cause negative reactions below the surface of the skin. Unsurprisingly, some of the biggest threats to skin’s health - such as UV ray, pollution and stress - become even more likely to affect us if we live in the city, where public transport and pollution tend to be major issues. This is bad enough for those of us with normal skin living in densely populated, built-up areas, but women with sensitive skin need to take extra care. Very sensitive skin may react far more strongly when exposed to factors such as pollution, UV rays, diet and stress, so it’s doubly important to look after our skin if we spend a lot of time in the city.

Tips for protecting skin on a daily basis

Fortunately, following a few key pieces of advice can help reduce symptoms of sensitive skin linked to city living. Extreme bouts of weather can be drying on skin, so choose products that intensely hydrate to help optimise skin’s barrier functions. This encourages the epidermis to retain water - crucial when trying to counteract the effects of extreme summer heat or winter cold. When it comes to damage provoked by UV rays and pollution, try and opt for skincare ingredients boasting antioxidants, which stop free radicals wreaking havoc below the surface of skin. If you’re particularly concerned about sun damage, don’t forget to reapply your SPF throughout the day. Finally, we all know that regular exercise is great for promoting healthy, glowing skin. In fact, breaking a sweat is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin, boosting circulation while helping to eliminate toxins. Just make sure to properly cleanse skin post-workout, while remembering to top up your body’s water levels for plumper, stronger skin.

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