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How are Vichy’s products tested?

Learn how Vichy's acne-fighting & anti-aging skincare products are formulated, humanely tested & packaged to guarantee the safety of every ingredient.

Vichy Scientific Communications Officer Laurie Jacquet explains Vichy’s rigorous selection process when it comes to formulating, testing and packaging their products.

How are ingredients chosen and treated?

All of Vichy’s products have their base ingredients thoroughly tested before being included in the final formula: in addition to undergoing a toxicology assessment, each individual element or perfume is selected from a carefully chosen list of hypoallergenic raw ingredients, all of which are intended (as the word suggests) to minimize the risk of allergic reaction.

How are products formulated and tested on skin?

Before the products are commercialized, they are tested on sensitive skin at Vichy’s laboratories. Each final formula is subsequently put into production in Vichy’s factories, where the product undergoes regular quality control to assure product formulators of its purity. The product’s chemical stability is tested via centrifuge to ensure its texture guarantees smooth, uniform application.

How is the safety of products assured?

During production, samples of each batch of products are individually tested to ensure they conform to the highest quality standards. Each separate batch undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure its standards conform to a parent batch, guaranteeing uniformity of appearance, colour and odour.

Finally, the packaging is the last element to undergo the testing process. After production, samples of all base ingredients, as well as a sample of the finished product itself, are kept for four years so that all batches can be traced. Vichy can thus guarantee the quality of all its finished products, regardless of when they were completed.

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Thanks to the collaboration of doctors, dermatologists, gynecologists, and nutritionists Vichy Laboratories possesses a unique understanding of women's skin at every life stage.

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