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Sun beauty bag: suncare products to pack depending on your destination.

Sun beauty bag: suncare products to pack depending on your destination.

Where are you going on vacation this year? Cancun? Cuba? California? Wherever your wanderlust takes you, make sure you bring suncare protection that corresponds to the amount and intensity of sun exposure you'll experience...

Suncare for a city break

Just because you're not heading to the beach doesn't mean you don't have to wear sun protection. It's not commonly known, but 80% of UV rays can penetrate through clouds, and pollution can further exacerbate the damage to your skin, in particular long-wave UVA, which generates free radicals responsible for DNA damage and accelerated skin aging. Vichy recommends using a daily moisturizer tailored to your skin type with added SPF, 15 or 20 if you don't get much sun exposure, but higher if you plan on spending the weekend exploring the city outside on foot.

Suncare in the tropics

The intensity of UV rays is far higher in the tropics (and in the mountains) due to latitude and altitude - the closer to the sun you are, the more powerful the rays (10% increase every kilometer). Your skin, therefore, requires more protection. A high SPF, tailored to your skin type, is strongly recommended. It's also wise to bring a suncare stick in your bag for regular top-ups on the most exposed and sensitive parts of your body: the lips, ears, scars and nose for example.

Suncare for hikers

Damp clothing (caused by sweating or bathing), clothes that have been washed several times or worn a lot, offer less protection against UV rays. Even hikers, with their different layers of clothing, should apply suncare. Don't forget the point about altitude increasing UV intensity either. A suncare stick is also recommended for outdoor activity-based holidays, and is ideal for slipping in your backpack.

Suncare for the beach

A beach vacation can be just what you need to rejuvenate. However, don't forget to keep your skin safe when exposed to a lot of sunshine. At the beach, sand, water and towel rubbing can quickly remove your suncare protection, leaving skin exposed and even irritated. Light surfaces like sand and water also reflect UV rays, increasing their intensity. Choose sun protection designed to resist these conditions, that is also water resistant, such as Vichy's Ultra-light Lotion SPF 50, making it ideal for a day at the beach.

Enjoy your holiday, wherever you're going, and don't forget to pack your suncare in your suitcase!


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