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Beauty begins with... Sun Protection with Quality Sunscreen

Beauty begins with... Sun Protection with Quality Sunscreen

When it comes to sunscreen, find out what matters to active people like Véronik Bastien, co-founder of PEPPERMINT Cycling Co.

Proper Sport Sunscreen For Active People

There is nothing better than practicing an outdoor sport to oxygenate and recharge your body. To protect your skin, use a sunscreen formula that is sweat proof that remains effective even on wet skin. This should be an essential part of your routine to give you peace of mind.

Véronik Bastien has been protecting herself from the sun since a very young age when she developed a severe sun allergy at the age of three. “When I was out in the sun without any sunscreen, my skin was literally burning!” she says. However, this never prevented her from going outdoors and being physically active. Today, the young woman is the co-founder of PEPPERMINT Cycling Co., which sells female cycling apparel and accessories that are entirely made in Quebec. “I have always been very active,” she says. “Cycling is a sport that I love and I quickly saw that there was a business opportunity to create a product specific to cycling.”

“When I am cycling, sunscreen is a must, and I need to be able to trust the product I am using.”
-Véronik Bastien, co-founder of PEPPERMINT Cycling Co.

Balanced Sunscreen

For Véronik, sport is a daily stress reliever. “It’s important to take time for myself,” she says. “I am aware of it even more now, with our extremely busy professional lives. This is why I don’t want to have to worry about the sun when I am practicing my favorite sport and wonder whether I’ll burn and if I have enough sunscreen. I want to be able to have peace of mind, especially when I’m cycling, the sun is beating down on me, and I’m sweating up a storm!” she adds.

Wet Skin Techology

With its innovative new Idéal Soleil Sport broad spectrum sunscreen that is water and sweat proof, Vichy is meeting the needs of athletes like Véronik. This sunscreen lotion is applied on wet skin and repels water to ensure even sun protection.

“This is the first time that sunscreen can be applied to wet skin”
— Elisa Simonpietri, Vichy’s international scientific director.

“To achieve this, we combined gelling agents specific to silicone polymers to the filtering system, for a hydrophobic effect. Usually, when standard sunscreen is applied to wet skin, the application is extremely heterogeneous and the sun protection will not be efficient. Our challenge was to maintain a high level of sun protection on wet skin. These hydrophobic polymers thus repel water when applied to the skin for a more even application and maximum SPF protection.” All of these elements are found in a refreshing, gel-like, transparent texture that provides a veritable cooling effect thanks to the menthol derivative present in sunscreen. This formula was tested on high-performance athletes.

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