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Dealing with Adult Acne: How to Cleanse Oily Skin

Dealing with Adult Acne: How to Cleanse Oily Skin

Thought the first signs of aging would be the only skin concern you’d have in your 30s? Think again.

Thought the first signs of aging would be the only skin concern you’d have in your 30s? Think again. For some of us, our adult years are a throwback to our early teenage years—read: oily skin, breakouts, acne. Here’s the simple reality: Everyday aggressors (stress, smoking, pollution, excessive exfoliation, pore-clogging products) disturb your skin’s natural moisture barrier, which can cause it to produce more sebum—oil—to protect itself. This excess sebum can clog pores, resulting in everything from the bad—dull skin tone—to the very bad—acne. But, before you throw in the towel, know that there are steps you can take to deal with adult acne. Read on for tips to help you tackle acne in your adult years:

Always (always!) remove makeup carefully before bed

Yes, it’s an extra step in your skin care routine, but it’s essential for the health and vitality of your skin, especially if it’s oily or acne-prone. Removing your makeup allows your skin a chance to breathe at night.

Light makeup can easily be removed with a micellar solution Pureté Thermale Cleansing Micellar Oil; more stubborn makeup demands a cleansing milk Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser, shares French skin specialist Loubna Id Said. Apply product to a cotton pad and gently dab your skin—no rubbing, which can further aggravate problematic skin.

Pick the right products

When it comes to dealing with any skin concern, the first step is incorporating products specially formulated for the issue. When it comes to breakouts and blemishes, it’s all about cleansing.

In the morning, cleanse with a foaming gel for normal skin Normaderm Gel Cleanser or a micellar solution for sensitive skin Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Solution. In the evening, use a cleansing milk to remove makeup and follow up with a spritz of Vichy’s mineralizing water from the French volcanoes, which is rich in 15 essential minerals and can help to strengthen and soothe your skin. If you prefer a foaming cleanser, make sure to choose a soap-free, hypoallergenic product like Pureté Thermale Foaming Cream .

Don’t wear makeup? Doesn’t matter. Your skin still needs a micellar solution in the evenings to eliminate grime and impurities that can build up over the day.

Spot treat and moisturize

After cleansing, it’s time to eliminate any pore-blocking build up of dead skin cells. Use a specially formulated spot treatment for acne-prone skin and make sure you include a moisturizer in your skin care routine—surprising, yes, but even oily skin needs hydration! In fact, skipping this step can cause your skin to overcompensate by producing even more oil in the long run. Look for a moisturizer that was developed for oily skin like Normaderm Corrective Anti-Acne Care.


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