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New season, new you: say no to bad habits

New season, new you! Let Vichy lifestyle experts teach you how to get into a healthy fall routine that includes good exercise, eating right & saving money.

Summer might be over for another year, but it’s still important to head into the new season with a positive attitude. Read on for some simple inspiration to help you autumn-clean your life this fall.

Don’t skip Mondays

No need to push yourself to the brink of a heart attack every time you go to the gym - you’ll start to see it as a punishment rather than a regular part of your routine. Avoid falling into the trap of setting yourself unattainable workout goals by finding a rhythm that works for you - and sticking to it. The key is to exercise little and often to begin with, then up your intensity gradually by listening to your body’s cues. As the saying goes: “No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.”

Dive into your free time

Sure, we all have to work late sometimes, but if ‘sometimes’ is rapidly turning into ‘every night’, it’s time to re-examine how you manage your workload. At least three times a week, commit to leaving the office on time - no excuses. Be honest, you didn’t take time off and pay for a holiday just to come back to the same stressful, workaholic office environment you left.

It’s a cliché, but the mind really is just as important as the body. Stop living for the weekend and make time to go see a concert or exhibition you love on a weeknight, where later openings are common. Plus, that killer combination of leaving work early and doing more exercise will leave you with more time and energy to pursue things you’re interested in.

Make your own takeout

A burger from time to time is food for the soul - but taking advantage of autumn ingredients is a sure-fire way to a good mood when the weather starts to get colder. Preparing, cooking and eating alone or with friends is a great way to relax - and your body will thank you for it. Investing in a slow cooker is a great way to save time in the evening  - these autumnal recipes are a great starting point.

Quality, not quantity

If you’re a shopaholic, it’s time to swap conspicuous consumption for conscious consumption. But little and often, and start learning to discern quality in the things you buy. Shoes, clothes, accessories - investing in a luxury statement piece that will stand the test of time isn’t only better for your wallet, it’s better for the environment, too.

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